What is Top Background Check

Top background check is the most comprehensive background check website today that allows users to search for public records and get accurate results. Topbackgroundcheck provides background check searches on every citizen of the US with quick results and data from public records.

What is a Background Check Search?

A background check search is a search for the records of an individual that have been documented over the years. A background check search includes a search for criminal records, financial records and also commercial records of people as well as different organizations.

What are Public Records?

Public records are records that have been documented by the US governments in the country's 50 states as well as the records in different official organizations. Unlike confidential records that pertain to the country's security, personal records are open to the public and can be viewed by the public. With Topbackgroundcheck, users can perform a public records search and find accurate information about others.

How many Background Check Searches can I Perform?

The number of background searches on Topbackground check are unlimited, meaning that users can conduct as many searches as they need about individuals as well as organizations in the United States.

Who can I search for?

A public records search and a background check search on Topbackgroundcheck can be conducted on any registered citizen in the United States, as well as companies and organizations in the country. The search yields a report that includes criminal records, financial records, marital status, contact information, social media information and much more.

What are Sex Offenders?

A sex offender is a person who has committed a sexual offense as it is defined by the laws in his state. Registered sex offenders are individuals who have been apprehended and convicted of at least one count of a sexual offense that requires registration under the law in their state or jurisdiction.

What are Mugshots?

Mugshots are portraits taken from the waist up of people that have been arrested by the police. Mugshots enable authorities to keep a photo evidence of people's arrest, and in most cases, these photos are a part of public records and can be searched in a background check inquiry.

What are Criminal Records?

Criminal records detail a person's criminal history (excluding records that have been expunged). Criminal records vary from state to state and even from one jurisdiction to another, and they often include traffic violations along with other, more serious, criminal violations.

Are my searches private?

All the searches on Topbackgroundcheck are 100% private and cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself. The privacy and security walls on Topbackgroundcheck prevent a breach into your searches, so you can conduct them without the fear of someone keeping track of you.

How accurate is the data and information on a Background Check Report?

All the data on Topbackgroundcheck is aggregated from public records found at the hands of governments and offices in the country. Therefore, all the searches are reliable, accurate and contain information that has been recorded over a person's lifetime by different officials.