Dos and Don’ts

The popularity of background checks has been steadily rising due to the people's need to protect themselves from individuals and organizations that may cause them harm. Unlike an independent background check, which requires going to different offices and filing requests to access public records, an online background check search allows you to find all the information you need in one place within minutes.

However, the ease in which you can access public records with Topbackgroundcheck does not mean you should take the results lightly. When searching for public records, you should keep certain things in mind and avoid from making these common mistakes:

  1. Jumping into conclusions – many people have made mistakes they regret, and some of them have a record that reminds them of what they did. When looking at public records, do not focus on one individual act, but rather look at the big picture. If a person has a pattern of committing illegal acts or other violations, you can feel free to draw conclusions but it is important to avoid jumping into conclusions based on one act.

  2. Using information against someone. Finding spots in a person's background check does not mean that you should hold them against said person. A background check should never be used as a means of extorsion, embarrassment or a threat against a person that does not have a perfect record.

  3. Using an unprofessional service. If you want to know the truth about a person's past, you should only use a professional and reputable source of information. Accessing public records should only be performed with websites that have authorization to do so and those that can give you the most accurate information available.

Knowledge is strength, and when it comes to public records, it can even save lives. Searching for public records through a background check can reveal a lot about a person's past, and the information should be used wisely in order to protect yourselves rather than a weapon against a person with an imperfect past.