You’ve just had your gender reveal party and you’re having a baby girl. Congratulations! The next few stages of course would involve finding a theme for the nursery, buying a few cute little dresses and choosing a name. While some people like to wait till the baby is born to choose a name or even know the sex, there is no harm in having a few names short listed for when baby arrives. And if you already know that it’s a baby girl for you we’ve put together a list of the twenty most popular girls’ names of 2018. We’ve also gone a step further and added the origin and meaning of the name to help you make a decision. 

Popular Girls’ Names Of 2018

1. Olivia: Olivia is from the Latin word olive which means olive. William Shakespeare was the first to use the name for one of his characters in the Twelfth Night. 
2. Amelia: Is derived from the medieval names Emilia and Amalia. In Latin the name means striving or industrious while the Teutonic meaning is defender. 
Isla: Is a Scottish name and got from the name Islay which is the name of an island and two rivers
4. Emily: Emily like Amelia is a form of the name Emilia and means striving or industrious in Latin and defender in Teutons. 
5. Ava: Ava is derived from the Latin word Avis which means bird
6. Lily: Lily is an English name and is associated with the lily flower. The name also means pure
7. Mia: Mia has Latin roots and means both Wished-for child and rebellion. Is your daughter the rebellion you wished for
8. Sophia: Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom. Sophia is the name given to wisdom in the Bible
9. Isabella: Isabella of Hebrew origin means devoted to God
10. Grace: Grace means grace but can also mean kindness and mercy. The name originated from the Latin word gratia which means thanks.
11. Poppy: Poppy is an English name and the same as the poppy flower
12. Ella: Ella is a shortened from of Eleanor which in Hebrew means God is my light or simply light
13. Evie: Evie is a version of Eve the first woman and mother of the human race. The word means life in Hebrew
14. Charlotte: Charlotte has French roots and is the feminine of the name Charles. The name means petite or little.
15. Jessica: Jessica is Hebrew in origin and means rich or God beholds.
16. Daisy: Daisy is an Old English name and the name of the flower.
17. Sophie: Sophie is a form of Sophia and is the Greek word for wisdom
18. Freya: Freya is a Scandinavian name derived from Freyja the Norse Goddess of love and fertility. The name also means lady.
Alice: Alice is French in origin and means Nobility
20. Sienna: Sienna is an Italian name and is also the name of the orange-red color.

That’s our pick for the tops twenty most popular girls’ names for 2018. You now know the origin and meaning of each of these names as well and can find one that suits your baby. But regardless of what the name means your little princess is going to make it her own and it will mean whatever she wants it to mean. 

If none of the top twenty names caught your fancy there are hundreds of other names out there for you to choose from. Some our less common and some have interesting meanings. Or you could call your baby Rose, but a Rose by any other name would be just as sweet.