The desire to feel wanted and needed is natural and innate in all of us, and for most of the time, we have the patience to give people what they need from us. However, every so often comes along a person that not only needs us from time to time but is constantly needy and makes us want to stay away from them. If you have needy people in your life that you can't just cut off contact with, here is how to deal them:

1. Remain calm
Getting angry with people who are needy won't do any good, and it will even make them become needier than ever. So, it's important to remain calm when facing needy people because the alternative is worse. For instance, if you are dealing with needy people at work, take a deep breath and realize that they are not doing anything to you on a personal level, so you shouldn't react as if they are.

2. Set clear boundaries
The desire to help needy people from time to time is understandable because, like all of us, they can't do certain things by themselves. However, when needy people in your life start clinging to you and holding on for dear life, you need to shut it down. If a needy person starts asking you for things you don't want to be a part of, tell them you either don't know how to do it or that you won't. Establishing boundaries is always important, especially when dealing with needy people who don't always have a sense for when to stop what they are doing.

3. Make yourself less available
All that needy people need in order to indulge in their behavior is to get a green light from the people they cling on to. When you deal with needy people at work or in any other places, don’t be so available to them at all times. Don’t answer every call, email or text, but screen them from time to time so they'll learn when they can reach you and when they can't.

4. Offer them alternatives
We all have our problems to deal with, and we aren't always emotionally available to support needy people. So, if you want to learn how to deal with needy people, try offering them alternatives they can use. Offer support groups or chat rooms that help solve problems, recommend they engage in an activity that makes them feel better and explain that you can't help them with whatever they are dealing with at the moment.

Needy people present quite the challenge when dealing with them, but if you set clear boundaries and show them that you are not the answer to all their problems, they will back down eventually.