If you are single and ready to start dating again in your forties you are in for a treat. Like you, the potential dates out there are more mature and know what they are looking for. Honest conversations are easier at this age and finding someone new can actually be a whole lot of fun.

Here are our tips for dating in your forties

  1. Be sure that you’re ready: The very first thing you need to do is make sure that you are in fact ready to start dating again. If you are newly single after a long relationship, don’t let your fear of being alone force you into dating when you are not ready yet.
  2. Know what you want: You are surer of yourself than you have ever been and you know exactly the kind of person you need. Don’t compromise because you are afraid someone better won’t come along, meet a few people before you decide which one is best for you.
  3. Be okay with bad dates: Bad dates are a part of life and yes, they do happen even in your forties. Don’t be discouraged if one or two dates haven’t gone well, keep at it and you will meet better people.
  4. Leave your baggage behind: Initially at least when you are just getting to know someone new leave your past behind. Once you are sure you would like to spend more time with someone the past will come up naturally and you can lay it all out there. But if you do it right at the start you might scare off what could have been a good match.
  5. Accept the other’s past: When you date other people in their forties there’s a good chance that they have had past relationships as well. Unless the person you are dating is clearly not over their ex spouse there is no need to get upset every time they are brought up. Especially when kids are involved ex spouses will have to have maintained some contact and it is something you are going to have to accept or end your relationship.
  6. Forget the competition: If you are worried that men in their forties would much rather date women in their thirties or twenties, calm down. There will be men looking for younger women but many men in their forties are looking for someone who they can relate to better, someone closer to their own age.
  7. Be okay with older men: Someone in their fifties might sound old but when you’re in your forties the age gap really isn’t that much. Be open to dating people in their early to mid fifties; you will not only widen the dating pool but also meet some great people.
  8. Be honest: If you are using a dating website or app, be honest about who you are. Post a recent picture of yourself and let people like you exactly how you are now. If you have kids and have custody of them put it out there.
  9. Be more than you past: Your past has made you who you are but let that not be all there is to you. Have hobbies, a career or something you are passionate about that makes you more interesting as a person.
  10. Take your time: Don’t be in such a hurry to settle down that you settle. Take your time to be out in the world for a while. Be sure of what and who you want and only when you find it be satisfied. And if your journey leads you to believe that you want to be alone for a while that is okay too.

Dating in your forties can be fun so put yourself out there are enjoy the ride.