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Are You Being Breadcrumbed?

Keren P. Jun 11th, 2018 Dating

Non-dating trends have become more common that dating trends, and the new 'Breadcrumbing' is apparently here to stay. If you want to avoid from getting breadcrumbed, find out the warning signs that may suggest you are seeing a serial...breadcrumber!

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Should You Remain Friends with Your Ex?

Kelly B. May 17th, 2018 Dating

Breakups cause many people to want to stay friends with their exes, which can be either good or incredibly bad. If you are trying to decide whether to get back with your ex, this article will help you answer that question.

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How Safe is Online Dating?

Kelly B. May 16th, 2018 Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet potential love interest, but many worry about its safety. If you also wonder whether or not online dating is safe, use these tips that will help you protect yourself with online dating.

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10 Dating Tips if You Are Over 40

Fred F. May 10th, 2018 Dating

Dating over 40 can be difficult for many people, especially if they have gone through a divorce or got out of a long term relationship. Luckily, these great dating tips for people over 40 will help you get over the hurtle of dating on your forties and will make everything seem easier.

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