For a lot of people, summer is the perfect season for travelling, vacationing or just hanging out at the local beach when the temperatures are on the rise. Unfortunately, the temperatures aren't the only thing that rises during the summer, as the crime rate across America also spikes.

The rise of crime during the summer time is pretty unusual given the fact that so many people are on vacation, but that is exactly what contributes to the rise in crime rates. What else causes rise in crime during the hottest season of the year? these 3 factors make most of us more vulnerable to being victimized. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from becoming a part of the statistic this summer with a few simple preventive measures:

1. Problem: larceny and burglary
Household larceny rises by 8% during the summer, burglary by 11%, and the simple reason behind it is opportunity. Summer time is the perfect time for a vacation, and many people leave their home to travel, which makes their house vulnerable to break ins.

Solution: discretion and awareness
In the age of social media, it's more popular than ever to announce our plans and hashtag them to death. This is basically declaring that you won't be at home for a while, which can lead burglary. So, when you go on vacation, don't post ahead that you will be away. If you really want your friends and family to see your awesome vacation photos, post them after you get back from it. Also, make sure you have a good security system to protect your home and be more aware of the people that live next to you. If you don't know your neighbors very well, run a reverse address lookup on them, or a people search that will help you find out if they have a criminal past. If they do, don't share your plans for the summer and add more electronic protection to your home.

crime rate in the summer
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2. Problem: too much free time
It's a sad fact that boredom can actually cause people to become violent and more prone to committing crimes. During the summer, kids are off school, some people have time off of work and the crime rate in the US spikes as a result.

Solution: plan ahead
It's no surprise that kids have the summer off – it happens every year. So, you should plan ahead for their summer activities, like summer camps and stay overs with friends and family. Nowadays, you don't have to spend a fortune on your child's summer vacation.  If you don't want to break the bank this summer, you can sign your kids up for free camp and plenty of community activities that don't cost a penny. That way, they will not only be busy, but also under the supervision of adults that will make sure they won't be in the streets, bored and with too much free time on their hands.

crime rate in the summer
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3. Problem: excessive heat and drinking
A 2001 research revealed that there is a correlation between heat, aggression and violence. That means that when temperatures rise, so does the crime rate. When you mix it with alcohol, you get a lethal aggression cocktail that you can only get during the summer. When people go out to drink and do it excessively, they become more violent and prone to committing crimes.

Solution: keep cool
That goes both ways. During the summer, you should definitely try to stay away from hot places and also over-crowded streets and bars. Try to be in places where it is nice and cool, and also, be aware of yourself. If you feel like you are getting angry and frustrated from the heat, leave the place you are in and go somewhere where there aren't as many people, so that you won't be the one who is making the crime rate rise.

The summer time is a hot bed for violent crimes and property crimes to happen all over America. The best way to avoid becoming the victim of a rise in crime rate is to avoid situations where you are exposed to harm. You can stir clear of places and people who are prone to crime and have a quiet summer that will help you re-charge for the upcoming year.