Sexual harassment is when an adult, mostly women have to face sexual assault, advances, or any type of sexual innuendo from the people around them. In 2018, it was found that over 81 percent of women and over 18 percent of men face sexual harassment at their workplace.

Sexual harassment is not just limited to the workplace. It can be found in different types of social situations as well.

Sexual harassment at the workplace can make it difficult for the victim to remain professional in his or her workplace. It can lead to fear and discomfort in the workplace.

Many women who have been facing sexual harassment simply resign their jobs when they are no longer able to handle the stress associated with such harassment.

If you too are facing sexual harassment at your workplace or anywhere, then it is necessary to put a stop to it immediately. Here is how you can stop being harassed.

Be familiar with your rights

A large number of people become innocent victims of sexual harassment simply because they are not familiar with their rights. All acts that provoke a fellow human being and cause discomfort sexually can be deemed as sexual harassment. This includes sexual innuendos, unnecessary remarks about one's gender, touching someone without their consent, and any bias due to one's gender.

If you feel that you are being sexually harassed, you have a right to report the person who is at fault.

Also, when working at a company, make sure that you are well read on their policies regarding sexual harassment. Knowing your rights helps you to fight sexual harassment better.

Speak up if you or others around you are being sexually harassed

Most people tend to suffer silently when it comes to sexual harassment. If you want to stop sexual harassment, whether you are the victim or have seen someone else suffer, gather the courage to speak up. Report such instances and make sure that an action is taken against the offender.

More than half of the offenders in sexual harassment cases go scot-free because neither the victims nor the people around them are willing to speak up about the incident.

Prevention of sexual harassment starts at the top

If you own a company or business, then it is important to have a strict policy regarding sexual harassment in your premises in place. Your policy should be just to any victims and should imply that offenders will have to face serious consequences should any evidence of sexual harassment be found against them. A well-laid out policy against sexual harassment is likely to keep offenders at bay.

Opt for litigation

If you have been unfairly treated or terminated from your job after reporting an incident of sexual harassment, then you may need to explore your options for litigation. You will need a "right to sue" letter from the concerned governmental agency and you can file a civil lawsuit against the person or organization that is at fault. You can file for emotional trauma even if there is no evidence of any physical injuries. Should you succeed in the lawsuit, you can ask for appropriate compensation including reinstatement if you have been fired.

Train your employees

If you own a company, then, in addition to implementing a proper sexual harassment policy, you need to educate your employees about sexual harassment. Train your employees to understand what sexual harassment is, their rights, and what to do in case of sexual harassment. It is best to conduct regular training sessions, at least once a year to empower your employees and help them fight sexual harassment.