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Crime Time – Why Does Crime Spike in the Summer?

Rachel M. Jul 15th, 2018 Crime

While the summer is a season for vacationing and relaxing for many people, there are also those that take advantage of the hot days as an opportunity to commit crimes, and this is why the crime rate is higher during the summer.

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5 Most Dangerous Cities in New York

Keren P. Jul 1st, 2018 Crime

New York state is known for its bounty of cultural experiences, but unfortunately it is also home to some dangerous cities. These are the 5 most dangerous cities in New York that will hopefully be safer one day.

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How to Identify and Report Child Abuse and Neglect

Peggy B. Jun 10th, 2018 Crime

Coming face to face with child abuse is very difficult, and unfortunately many of us encounter it in our lives. in order to help children who are being mistreated, it is important to know how to identify child abuse and child neglect, and also how to report it properly.

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What is Sexual Harassment And What You Should Do To Stop It

Garry S. May 21st, 2018 Crime

Sexual harassment has become a major issue in the past few decades, and people are now refusing to keep silent in the face of it. If you come across something that strikes you as odd, this is how you can tell if it is sexual harassment and these are the tips that will help you stop it.

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The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

Eddie V. May 15th, 2018 Crime

Several cities in America are experiencing an increase in crime rates that made them become the most dangerous places in the United States, like these 8 notorious cities across the country.

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