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How to Deal with Annoying Family Members

Peggy B. Jul 23rd, 2018 Trending

Cutting out friends from your life is hard yet doable, but the same can't be said about family members. If you have annoying family members your having a hard time with, these tips will teach you how to deal with them.

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5 Important Tips for Summer Internships

Keren P. Jul 16th, 2018 Trending

Summer internships can provide a great opportunity for you to learn important skills for your future career, and these 5 essential tips will help you get through the in the best way possible.

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Crime Time – Why Does Crime Spike in the Summer?

Rachel M. Jul 15th, 2018 Crime

While the summer is a season for vacationing and relaxing for many people, there are also those that take advantage of the hot days as an opportunity to commit crimes, and this is why the crime rate is higher during the summer.

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Job Change? Here is How to Handle It

Keren P. Jul 11th, 2018 Trending

Job changes can be very challenging because a lot of the times they are imposed on us, and if are dealing with these types of changes, here are the tips that will help you get through them.

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How to Identify GoFundMe Scams

Kelly B. Jul 5th, 2018 Trending

The amazing GoFundMe website is meant to help people who need financial assistance for what ever reason it may be but there are those who use it to perform financial online scams, and this is how you can avoid getting from having your money stolen.

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How to Deal with Needy People

Billy T.K. Jul 2nd, 2018 Trending

Needy people tend to cling on to other and bother them when it's least convenient, and with these tips, you can learn how to deal with needy people in your life.

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5 Most Dangerous Cities in New York

Keren P. Jul 1st, 2018 Crime

New York state is known for its bounty of cultural experiences, but unfortunately it is also home to some dangerous cities. These are the 5 most dangerous cities in New York that will hopefully be safer one day.

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4 Tips for Setting Boundaries at Work

Kelly B. Jun 14th, 2018 Trending

Most of us spend a great deal of time at work, so it is extremely important that we feel comfortable with our coworkers. Setting boundaries at work will help you fell that way, and here's how you can do it with 4 easy tips.

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Are You Being Breadcrumbed?

Keren P. Jun 11th, 2018 Dating

Non-dating trends have become more common that dating trends, and the new 'Breadcrumbing' is apparently here to stay. If you want to avoid from getting breadcrumbed, find out the warning signs that may suggest you are seeing a serial...breadcrumber!

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How to Identify and Report Child Abuse and Neglect

Peggy B. Jun 10th, 2018 Crime

Coming face to face with child abuse is very difficult, and unfortunately many of us encounter it in our lives. in order to help children who are being mistreated, it is important to know how to identify child abuse and child neglect, and also how to report it properly.

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Weirdest Craigslist Ads You Won't Want to Reply

Garry S. Jun 6th, 2018 Trending

You can find basically anything on Craigslist, and especially weird ads for stuff that random people want to get rid of. Take a look at some of the funniest Craigslist ads ever that will make run for the hills.

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How to Deal With a Bad Co-Worker

Billy T.K. May 23rd, 2018 Trending

We can't always choose the people we work with, so it is not uncommon to come across toxic coworkers. If you want to learn how to handle people like that, you have to read these tips that will help you learn how to deal with bad coworkers.

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Best Cities to Raise Children in the United States

Eddie V. May 23rd, 2018 Trending

Raising a family means having responsibility for other people's lives, and every parent should know about the best cities to raise children in America. Get all you need to know about the best places for families right here.

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4 Worst Celebrity Breakups

Jack R. May 23rd, 2018 Entertainment

Celeb couples often seem to have the most romantic love lives, but this list of worst celebrity breakups ever shows that under all the Hollywood glitz and glamour, relationships are never easy.

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What is Sexual Harassment And What You Should Do To Stop It

Garry S. May 21st, 2018 Crime

Sexual harassment has become a major issue in the past few decades, and people are now refusing to keep silent in the face of it. If you come across something that strikes you as odd, this is how you can tell if it is sexual harassment and these are the tips that will help you stop it.

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Should You Remain Friends with Your Ex?

Kelly B. May 17th, 2018 Dating

Breakups cause many people to want to stay friends with their exes, which can be either good or incredibly bad. If you are trying to decide whether to get back with your ex, this article will help you answer that question.

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How Safe is Online Dating?

Kelly B. May 16th, 2018 Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet potential love interest, but many worry about its safety. If you also wonder whether or not online dating is safe, use these tips that will help you protect yourself with online dating.

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The Most Popular Girl Names In 2018

Garry S. May 16th, 2018 Trending

Deciding on a baby name is a big responsibility, and sometimes people just run out of baby names they can give their kids. If you are having a baby girl and can't decide what to name her, this list of the most popular baby girl names in 2018 will help with your decision. Congratulations!

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How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors

Rachel M. May 15th, 2018 Trending

Noisy neighbors can be a nightmare to live next to, but that doesn't meant there is nothing to be done. If you live next to noisy neighbors, these tips will help you deal with them without it ending in altercations.

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How to Deal With Stress

Fred F. May 15th, 2018 Trending

Feeling stressed seems to be "natural" situation for many people in the 21st century, but it can have devastating affects on health. If you want to de-stress your life, these are the tips that will help you do it in the best way.

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The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

Eddie V. May 15th, 2018 Crime

Several cities in America are experiencing an increase in crime rates that made them become the most dangerous places in the United States, like these 8 notorious cities across the country.

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How to Stop Cyber/Online Bullying

Kelly B. May 15th, 2018 Security

Cyberbullying has become a global and national epidemic that affects millions every year, and it is imperative to know the tips that will help you stop online bullying before it gets worse.

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10 Dating Tips if You Are Over 40

Fred F. May 10th, 2018 Dating

Dating over 40 can be difficult for many people, especially if they have gone through a divorce or got out of a long term relationship. Luckily, these great dating tips for people over 40 will help you get over the hurtle of dating on your forties and will make everything seem easier.

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